Garage-To-Playroom Transformation Guide

Being stuck at home with your little ones all day might be a daunting challenge. A space of their own to play might help to distract them so you can get some work around the house done.
Isolating a playroom into one large room, such as the garage, can provide an excellent space to entertain your kids. With the help of a few garage cabinets, shelves and other quick fixes, you will have the perfect space for your children to play and learn.
Your garage may not be your first thought of an inviting space for children, because they usually have concrete floors, dangerous items lying around, and cobwebs clinging to every corner. To transform your garage into a warm and safe space for a playroom, here is a list of practical conversion ideas to get you started:

  1. 1) Clean

    You don’t want your kids playing around in the dirt and cobwebs in your garage! Make sure to clear all clutter, throwing away or donating any unnecessary items. Give the garage a good cleaning. Dust, wipe down the shelves and walls, then sweep and mop the floor.


  3. 2) Store Away Garage Items

    Move all garage items. Pack away things such as garden supplies, bicycles and outdoor and sports equipment. Overhead garage racks provide a sturdy and dependable solution to store your items up high and off the floor. Container Store shares ideas on how to organize a playroom.


  5. 3) Paint The Garage Walls

    Painting the garage walls with a bright and cheerful color will provide a more appealing space for your children. If your garage already has windows, this is a great way to provide natural lighting into your new playroom area.


  7. 4) Add A Floor

    Your kids probably don’t want to sit on the cold concrete floors in the garage. Providing a safe, comfortable garage flooring is important to keeping kids happy and well. Covering the garage with carpet may seem like a good idea, but spilled juice, glue, finger paint and other items can quickly stain it. Consider using a couple of large throw rugs, which are much easier to clean than a carpet, and still provide a soft garage flooring option.


  9. 5) Purchase a Workstation and Toys

    Purchasing a toddler-size table and chairs can improve the child’s experience for learning and playing. Age-appropriate toys such as building blocks, bins for storing crayons and craft items and books, will provide the perfect home playroom. Including things like tubs, containers, or toy boxes will help keep the space organized. A bookshelf or cabinets can be great to use as cubbies.

If you are needing a space to have the kids play to get some work done, having a separate playroom in the garage can help you stay a little sane while social distancing. Nanny cams can provide a way to keep an eye on your little ones while still being able to check things off your never-ending to-do list. At the beginning of each workday, simply step into the garage, and enter a beautiful playroom for your children.
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